LandRoller, Inc


Our radical wheel configuration outperforms inline skates with a smoother and more stable ride.   Size does matter! The basic physics of bigger wheels has clear advantages. 

For years, skate companies have tried to capitalize on these advantages by putting larger wheels on skates to improve versatility and achieve a smoother glide. Those attempts have failed because the skates were either dangerously high off the ground, as in the case of Rollerblades' Coyote skates, or difficult to maneuver because of a long wheelbase, as with the TrailSkate and Crosskate.

Only with LandRoller's patented Angled Wheel Technology™ can large wheels be mounted on a skate while maintaining a low profile and a short wheelbase. Skating dynamics are maintained while delivering all of the advantages of large diameter wheels. These advantages include decreased vibration, smoother ride and increased glide time.

People are astonished by the incredible stability derived from the 'out of line' wheel configuration of LandRoller skates.  Most people need to experience the ride to believe it.

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