Life Science


Savara Pharmaceuticals is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company developing innovative pulmonary drugs for the treatment of serious and life-threatening conditions.

Verdezyne (CODA Genomics) - VC Funded

VC funded by Monitor Ventures, OVP Venture Partners, BP Alternative Energy Ltd., DSM Venturing B.V.

Verdezyne Inc. is a synthetic biology company bringing sustainable and cost-effective petrochemical alternatives to the fuel and chemical industries and into the lives of consumers. Formerly known as CODA Genomics, they transitioned in 2008 from being a lead synthetic gene provider to pharmaceutical and industrial enzyme businesses to focus on fermentation pathway engineering for renewable fuels and chemicals. Applying proprietary metabolic engineering technologies, Verdezyne is able...

Vital Therapies - VC Funded by Valley Ventures

Vital Therapies, Inc. (VTI) is targeting the treatment of liver disease and is developing the first human liver cell-based ELAD® which is in investigational clinical trials in USA and China.

VTI was formed in 2003 and is based in San Diego, California, USA, with a subsidiary in Beijing, China. ELAD manufacturing is carried out in San Diego in a GMP compliant facility. Manufacturing capacity was expanded during 2008 to produce cartridges for both clinical trials and potential commercialization. Systems to transport cartridges to point of care worldwide within 24 hours have been...