Masher Media


Masher Media Inc. is a creative hub for innovative ideas in entertainment. We are dedicated to defining rather than following the trends and creating, producing, and distributing the highest-quality entertainment that yields long-lasting brands.

Masher Media is currently working on an evolutionary new virtual world/MMOG, www.MyMiniPeeps.com, for kids ages 6-13. We are leveraging our ground-breaking creative ideas, our extensive experience in entertaining kids, and our knowledge of the kids' online space to create a truly engaging, immersive, 3-D experience for kids online.

We are committed to providing consumers with the highest-quality entertainment that is wholesome, fun, and engaging. We produce content that parents trust and kids love.

We are passionate about the environment and the community and believe that children are too! Our content will empower kids to get involved and learn how to make a difference.

We vow to attract and retain top-level talent in art, technology, and business, and to provide them with a fun, creative, and collaborative environment where great ideas become successful products.