Payment Protection Systems (Merged with Sekurus, Inc)

About us

The ON TIME system was developed by Sekurus Inc. Since it introduced ON TIME, thousands of dealers and finance companies worldwide are using the system. ON TIME is supported by the its founders, staff and over 100 field personnel in North America and Internationally.

It offers a full line of products and systems in both wireless and on-board technologies for the payment and collection industries.

A leader in microprocessor technology, It brings over 70 years of collective engineering experience to the automotive payment protection industry. The company develops, markets, and licenses the finest legal automotive payment protection systems available.

Its designs and manufactures their products from conception to completion. The company has a reputation for excellence and sets the standard for both products and services.

Statement of Purpose:The purpose of Sekurus Inc. is to continue to be the worldwide leader in technologies that provide financing sources in safe and effective ways to ensure payments from their clients and maintain intellectual property superiority.

Strength: Using cutting edge technology to securitize financial risk and to open financial opportunities to the less fortunate.