Property Bureau

PropertyRoom.com, founded in 1999 by former police officers, combines expertise in law enforcement procedure, inventory tracking, logistics, merchandising, marketing and customer service to provide an effective auction solution for law enforcement and municipal surplus agencies.

With distribution and service centers nationwide, PropertyRoom.com specializes in the auction of stolen, seized, found and surplus goods and vehicles. Serving over 1,500 law enforcement and other public agencies nationwide, we offer a fraud-free marketplace with superior customer support.

Police Auctions

Before PropertyRoom.com, law enforcement agencies were responsible for tracking and storing auction inventory as well as coordinating, promoting and conducting live auctions. PropertyRoom.com acts as a service business for agencies by taking over the process, freeing-up space in crowded law enforcement property rooms. As importantly, we eliminate the time and effort wasted in the old-fashioned auction process while vastly increasing revenues, reducing costs and increasing public access to these public goods.

Program Features:

Secure Monthly Pick-ups
Cleaning, Testing and Appraisal of all Items
Comprehensive Inventory Control and Reporting
Complete Packaging, Shipping and Customer Service Support

A selection of PropertyRoom.com municipal partnerships includes:

NYPD (New York City Police Department)
Seattle Police Department
King County (WA) Police Department
LAPD (City of Los Angeles Police Department)
Pinellas County (FL) Police Department
Cincinnati Police Department
Sacramento County Sheriff
Indianapolis Police Department
Broward County Sheriff (Fort Lauderdale)
Albuquerque Police Department
Lexington, KY PD
PropertyRoom.com Trusted Merchants

PropertyRoom.com’s Trusted Merchant program features high quality merchants that auction goods in accordance with our strict guidelines and standards. Quality and security of transactions for buyers and sellers is guaranteed via managing the payment process, carefully screening sellers and aggressively combating fraud.