JobSync launched in Santa Monica in 2011 with the mission of reinventing the online recruiting market to creating a more satisfied, more engaged, and more productive workforce.

Before JobSync launched, the online recruiting market suffered from two problems: an inefficient process and suboptimal outcomes. Candidates were forced to search through thousands of job postings with no indication of which job fit them best. Employers were inundated with hundreds of resumes for each open position, spending most of their time screening applications instead of reviewing them. This process...


LeisureLink powers global distribution and demand for the specialty lodging industry.
The LeisureLink Demand Network™ enables property management companies to market and distribute their vacation lodging products across thousands of travel Web sites, travel agents and other distribution channels.
LeisureLink’s proprietary Demand Management System™ empowers property managers to generate demand and optimize...

Liquid Grids (Swarmology)

LiquidGrids empowers life science companies to listen, understand and strategically engage in online health dialogue.

For product teams who want to understand and connect with the millions of consumers who participate in health-related conversations on the internet, LiquidGrids provides real-time digital health intelligence that makes it possible to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Unlike traditional marketing and communication approaches, LiquidGrids uncovers the critical online health-related dialogue, predicts where the...

MindBody Software

MINDBODY offers web-based business management software tailored to businesses that need scheduling and business management systems. Regardless of what kind of business you run, our solutions offer you powerful benefits to turbo-charge your business and make your life easier.