Teresis Media Management

Teresis Media Management Inc. is the leading tape less automation, digital workflow, asset management system for the entertainment and broadcast industries. Teresis bridges the gap in production between camera and distribution. It is a secure 128 bit encrypted browser based platform of tools for producers, directors, writers, story producers, editors, and production companies to digitize, log, transcribe, search, annotate, edit, create scripts, story boards, collaboratively and remotely all with just their web browsers on either MAC or PC. Teresis has filed for three patents on its technology.
As part of its overall vision and strategy, Teresis completes the supply chain between content creators and new emerging distribution channels in the VOD™ market space. It functions as both a cost center reduction system for producers and production companies to manufacture their shows cheaper and faster, and at the same time is the first platform to offer the potential for producers to diversify their products, repurpose their assets, and generate new revenue streams all from a single production.
Teresis Media Management Inc. is backed by the Tech Coast and Pasadena Angels. Two of the largest angel investment firms in the country. The company was ranked number one among all companies financed by TCA in 2004 and won Best in Show at Venture Net 2004.