YouMail is the future of “value-added communication”. We’re all about reinventing services like voicemail and caller id (and much more soon) so that they become services that people love to use, instead of being painful and barely useable. Our secret sauce is our proprietary, massively scalable, hosted communication platform and a collection of APIs and web services that speed mobile development.

Our flagship product is YouMailâ„¢’s Visual Voicemail Plus, a free service that’s by far beyond the visual voicemail that comes from the carriers when you get your phone. We have applications available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Phone 7 platforms. The free service is being increasingly adopted not only by consumers – with millions of downloads, but also by some carriers as their default or recommended voicemail. It’s completely changing how people think about voicemail.

We’re now doing the same with WhoAreYou, our popular Android app, which provides true Visual Caller ID using crowd-sourced address book data and intelligent algorithms that can figure out which phone numbers belong to which people and businesses.