Paradigm Diagnostics (acquired by Exact Sciences)2019-09-03T07:28:59-08:00
ClearCare exit via Battery Ventures investment in 20162016-09-03T04:15:10-08:00
eTeam – Acquired by NC4 in 20062016-05-22T18:04:14-08:00
Multistat Inc (some return of capital)2016-05-21T17:55:12-08:00
WiseWindow – Acquired by KPMG in 20122016-05-21T16:38:31-08:00
Trius Therapeutics Inc. (formerly Rx3 Pharmaceuticals) – IPO in 2010 – Acquired by Cubic Pharmaceuticals in 20132016-05-21T16:24:57-08:00
TherMark, Inc. – Acquired by Ferro in 20152016-05-21T16:09:02-08:00
Stage One Capital – returned investment in 20002016-05-21T16:03:19-08:00
SeQual Technologies Inc. – Acquired by Caire (Chart Industries) in 20102016-05-21T15:52:26-08:00
ScanlanKemperBard Riverside Condo Development Project Sold in 20072016-05-21T15:43:41-08:00
RealAge – Acquired by Hearst Magazines in 2007 (and then by Shareware in 2012)2016-05-21T15:30:10-08:00
Q3DM Inc. – Acquired by Beckman Coulter in 20032016-05-21T15:19:24-08:00
Pacific Mercantile Bank – IPO (PMBC) in 20002016-05-21T02:49:34-08:00
N Spine – Acquired by Synthes in 20072016-05-21T02:45:17-08:00
Molecular Medicine BioServices – Acquired by Sigma-Aldrich in 20072016-05-21T01:53:20-08:00
MindBody Inc. — IPO (MB) in 20152016-05-21T01:42:18-08:00
Greenplum (formerly Metapa) – Acquired by EMC in 20102016-05-21T01:00:16-08:00
IP3 Networks, Inc. – Acquired by Second Rule LLC in 20062016-05-20T18:45:17-08:00
IndX Software Corporation – Acquired by Siemens in 20032016-05-20T18:39:15-08:00
Hookit (formerly Loop'd Network) – Merged with Sponsor House in 20142016-05-20T18:31:31-08:00
Green Earth Technologies – IPO (GETG) in 20072016-05-20T18:24:11-08:00
Dispatch & Tracking Solutions (formerly ETAK) – Acquired in 20082016-05-20T18:06:21-08:00
CytomX Therapeutics – IPO in 2015 (CTMX)2016-05-20T17:59:43-08:00
CrowdTorch (formerly LaughStub) – Acquired by Cvent in 2012, then by Vendini in 20152016-05-20T17:54:02-08:00
Cognition Technologies – Acquired by Nuance in 20132016-05-20T17:46:06-08:00
ClimateMinder – Acquired by Rainbird in 20122016-05-20T17:40:47-08:00
WeGoLook–Acquired by Crawford & Co (majority stake) in 20162016-05-19T23:40:05-08:00
Ondax Inc. (acquired by Coherent, Inc in October 2018)2016-05-02T04:06:50-08:00
Hipmunk — Acquired by Concur in 20162016-05-02T03:20:17-08:00
Dthera Sciences (formerly everyStory)2016-05-02T02:41:26-08:00
DAX Solutions (Sample Digital) – Acquired by PFT in 20092016-03-10T05:52:42-08:00
Portfolium Acquired by Instructure in 20192016-03-10T05:51:37-08:00
One Stop Systems (IPO on NASDAQ as OSS in 2018)2016-03-10T04:01:28-08:00
Bluebeam Software – Acquired by Nemetschek AG in 20142016-03-10T03:51:30-08:00
Blue Titan Software – Acquired By SOA Software in 20032016-03-10T03:51:08-08:00
AnyMeeting acquired by Intermedia in 20172016-03-10T03:48:42-08:00
Airsis – Acquired by Oceaneering in 20142016-03-10T03:46:30-08:00
Vital Therapies – IPO (VTL)2016-03-08T06:38:25-08:00
Savara Pharmaceuticals (listed on NASDAQ as SVRA after merger with MAST)2016-03-08T06:37:11-08:00
RetroSense Therapeutics — Acquired by Allergen in 20162016-03-08T06:36:51-08:00
Olive Medical – Acquired by DePuy Synths in 20152016-03-08T06:34:07-08:00
InnoZen – Reverse merger with HealthSport Inc. in 20072016-03-08T06:29:41-08:00
CRISI Medical Systems – Acquired by Becton Dickinson in 20152016-03-08T06:27:16-08:00
Althea – Acquired by Ajinomoto in 20072016-03-08T06:23:32-08:00
Allylix – Acquired by Evolva in 20142016-03-08T06:23:11-08:00
ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals – Acquired by Mast Therapeutics (ANX) in 20072016-03-08T06:22:49-08:00
Sandpiper Networks – Acquired By Digital Island in 2002 for $630.5 M2016-03-08T06:12:11-08:00
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