Virtual Metrix2016-03-10T05:54:26-08:00
DAX Solutions (Sample Digital) – Acquired by PFT in 2009 (some return of capital)2021-09-12T08:58:17-08:00
Portfolium – Acquired by Instructure for $40 million in 2019 (6x multiple)2021-09-12T08:21:21-08:00
Orion Data Analysis Corporation2016-03-10T04:03:04-08:00
OptionEase – Acquired by Solium Capital in 2012 (5x multiple)2021-09-12T08:46:36-08:00
Mobile Cause2016-03-10T04:00:35-08:00
Controltec – Acquired by Firmament in 2021 (3x multiple plus upside)2021-11-03T11:15:48-08:00
Bluebeam Software – Acquired by Nemetschek AG in 2014 (20x multiple)2021-09-12T08:31:44-08:00
Blue Titan Software – Acquired By SOA Software in 20032016-03-10T03:51:08-08:00
Bitvore Corporation2016-03-10T03:50:37-08:00
Beacon Healthcare2016-03-10T03:49:45-08:00
Atlas Apps2016-03-10T03:49:06-08:00
AIRSIS – Acquired by Oceaneering in 2014 (6x multiple)2021-09-12T08:29:58-08:00
TrueVault, Inc.2016-03-08T06:17:43-08:00
Sandpiper Networks – Acquired By Digital Island for $631 million in 2002 (139x multiple)2021-09-12T09:24:31-08:00
Integrien – Acquired by VMWare in 2010 (2x multiple)2021-09-12T08:51:44-08:00
Voyager Systems – Acquired in 2004 (1.2x multiple)2021-09-12T09:18:37-08:00
Vigilistics – Acquired by SafetyChain Software in 2016 (no return of capital)2021-09-12T12:46:17-08:00
Language Weaver – Acquired by SDL for $43 million in 2010 (8x multiple)2021-09-12T09:19:41-08:00
Rock My World2016-03-03T06:54:36-08:00
Ninja Metrics2016-03-03T06:48:21-08:00
Brain X2016-03-03T06:29:06-08:00
Procore Technologies – IPO in 2021 (368x multiple)2022-03-02T20:22:58-08:00
Cruiser Systems (formerly Park Tours) – Sold IP in 2013 (some return of capital)2021-09-12T08:36:10-08:00
Mamoca – Acquired by Motion Analysis Corp in 2008 (some return of capital)2021-09-12T12:44:04-08:00
Etronica – Acquired by NRD Companies in 2004 (1.1x multiple)2021-09-12T09:17:38-08:00
Docufide (merged with Parchment Inc. in 2012)2016-02-04T19:42:55-08:00
Ushr (a spinoff of Airborne 1/Geodigital) – Acquired by Dynamic Map Platform Co. Ltd for $181 Million in 20192021-09-12T12:48:28-08:00
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