Barbara S. Giordano

Why does great communication style matter? Because people are attracted to and believe in confident speakers! In this media savvy two-television per household world, everyone is an authority on communication style.


From our choice of clothes and accessories to our posture, the way we style our hair, how we speak, choose our words and even listen – others form opinions about us instantaneously from what they see and what they hear.


Exuding professional confidence – moving in a thoughtful, poised and self-assured manner – draws people to you. Becoming an artful communicator has great rewards; it allows you to develop more meaningful relationships with clients, executives, management, fellow employees and groups who will in turn want to entrust their business to you. Genuine heartfelt confidence will give you the opportunity to have more fun, be more creative and ultimately affect the bottom line!


If you haven’t had time to focus on your communication skills, I’m here to help. Now is the time is to create the person you’d like most to be - so contact me and let’s get started!