Tech Coast Venture Network


Who We Are

TCVN is the trusted resource for start-up and emerging entrepreneurs seeking connections to to capital, peers and mentors to drive growth.

What We Do

TCVN educates and assists entrepreneurs in emerging growth companies, connecting them with capital and value-added resources to help their businesses grow. We aim to the be the first place a new or existing entrepreneur connects with when starting or growing their business:

“Your Guide to the Entrepreneurial Adventure.”

Our Philosophy

1) Provide an open and safe place for entrepreneurs
2) Promote a marketplace of ideas and products that aid entrepreneurs
3) Provide information and connections freely and willingly
4) Discourage predatory activities (ie: hard selling entrepreneurs)
5) Maintain a majority business owner -vs- service provider membership and attendance
6) Create involvement in the community and promote volunteerism
7) Provide affordable and easy access to benefits

Our History

Founded in 1984, the Tech Coast Venture Network is a non-profit organization (501c3) and one of Southern California’s premier technology business networks. Either directly or through one our members or sponsors, TCVN has delivered resources addressing numerous business challenges in areas as diverse as: education, accounting, legal services, banking services, intellectual property protection, funding, marketing, sales, publishing, strategic planning, administration, professional information, government-related guidance, and more.