Tech Coast Angels Invested $13.5 Million into Startup Ecosystem in 2015

Southern California Angel Network Realizes Fourth Highest Investment Total in its 19-Year History

IRVINE, Calif. – February 29, 2016 – Tech Coast Angels (TCA) invested $13.5 million in a total of 58 companies in a diverse mix of industries in 2015. In addition to the $13.5 million of direct investment by TCA or its ACE Fund, the angel network also helped companies in its portfolio obtain $82 million through additional funding sources in 2015.

The angel network’s total direct investment for the year was slightly off its record $16.7 million year in 2014, consistent with the market slowdown in investments towards the end of 2015. The only other years in which TCA exceeded 2015’s total for investments were in 1999 ($16.3 million) and 2013 ($14.9 million).  Investment in new companies was 35% of the total last year, compared to 41% in 2014 and 63% in 2013.  Please see TCA’s 2015 year-end report for further details, a summarization of 2015, the outlook for 2016, and charts that segment TCA’s investments by industry.

“Notwithstanding the turmoil in financial markets in the latter part of the year, our numbers for 2015 reflect our confidence in adding value to innovative, early-stage companies—as well as expansion investments to our existing portfolio companies,” said TCA Chairman, John Harbison.  “Tech Coast Angels remains one of the largest and most influential angel networks because of our commitment to solid and collaborative relationships within the investment and entrepreneurial communities.”

The angel network also had six exits in 2015, including two successful IPOs (Mindbody, CytomX) and) and four acquisitions (CRISI Medical Systems, Olive Medical, Thermark and Wispry). This brings the total exits since the network’s inception in 1997 to 60.

“Early-stage investing is often a long-term commitment, and Tech Coast Angels members remain steadfast in providing support, both financially and experientially, to early-stage, high-growth companies—especially those in Southern California,” continued Mr. Harbison.  “We are looking forward to continuing our success in 2016 with our existing portfolio companies and by encouraging new young companies with great ideas.”

About Tech Coast Angels:

Tech Coast Angels (TCA) is one of the largest angel investment groups in the US.  The group comprises over 300 angel members with experience spanning all aspects of successful leadership in almost every industry in five networks that encompass Southern California.  TCA is the leader in providing funding, guidance, mentorship and leadership experience to early-stage, high-growth, exciting companies in Southern California.  CB Insights has ranked TCA ahead of all other angel groups as the strongest network in the country.

Since its founding in 1997, Tech Coast Angels have invested over $176 million in more than 300 companies and have helped attract more than $1.5 billion in additional capital/follow-on rounds, mostly from venture capital firms. For more information, please visit

Tech Coast Angels Funds 37 Deals in 2011 Demonstrating Angel Investment Leadership

Total number of investments significantly increased over previous years, continuing upward trend

IRVINE, Calif., February 15, 2012Tech Coast Angels (TCA), the nations largest angel investment network, today announced it funded 37 investments in 2011 in a wide array of exciting, start-up businesses.

In 2011, TCA raised more than $45 million of total investment for its entrepreneurial companies, including more than $11 million through direct TCA investment an 80 percent increase over 2010. Additionally, the total number of investments for the year is significantly up by almost 25 percent from 2010 and nearly 50 percent over the number of investments in 2009.

We are more aggressive and investing actively as evidenced by the significant increase in the total number of investments over the past two years in innovative, forward-thinking new companies,said Stephen Flaim, Ph.D., FACC, FAHA, Chairman, Tech Coast Angels. “We are committed to identifying and nurturing bold, early-stage entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas and fostering their growth through connection, knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance the cornerstones of our mission. This is an exciting time. We are energized about our upward trend and see no sign of slowing down.

This years investment portfolio represented companies across a broad spectrum of growth industries including technology, biotech and pharmaceutical, social media, financial services, consumer products and green technologies. The companies funded by Tech Coast Angels in 2011 included Agilenano, Anabios, Angstrom Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Banshee Bungee, BeTheBeast, Continental Windpower, CosNet, Inc., Cyber-Rain, Define My Style, ExtendCredit, Groundmetrics, HitFix, H2Scan, LLC., Inhance Media, JobSync, Larada Sciences, LendAmend, Mobile Cause, Numira Bioscience, Inc., OlFactor, Olive Medical, Orion Data Analysis Corporation, PharmaSecure, Phone Halo, Ranker, Rx Timer Cap, SleepSafe Drivers, Social Rewards, Swarmology, Virtual Metrix, Vokle, WiSpry, Inc., YouMail, Inc. and Yowza.

TCA Demonstrates Angel Investment Leadership with 7 New Deals and 17 Follow-On Deals in 2009

TechCoastAngels Demonstrate Angel Investment Leadership with 7 New Deals and 17 Follow-On Deals in 2009

Irvine, Calif.,March 1, 2010– Despite the dire economy and lack of available capital (or maybe because of it), Tech Coast Angels(TCA), the largest angel investmentnetwork in the U.S., completed seven rounds of new investmentdeals and 17 follow-on deals in 2009, raising $4.7 million through direct TCA investments and an additional $57 million through other sources of venture capitaland angel capitalfor the network’s entrepreneurial companies. According to Richard Sudek, TCA chairman, “We want entrepreneurs to know that there is still a vibrant investment environment in Southern California. We take our responsibility to foster and develop new enterprises very seriously.”

While the total investment money available in 2009 declined from the previous year and fewer new deals were completed, 2009 actually saw an increase in the number of follow-on investments. Sudek said, “Clearly our members feel deeply committed to our invested companies and believe in their growth. We not only continue to raise money for them, we also provide day-to-day operating assistance and mentoring that company executives tell us often make the biggest difference in their success.”

A number of the invested companies in 2009 were in the high technology arena, a TCA focus, however many other markets were represented. Young companies in entertainment, industrial applications, retail, communications, healthcare, biotechnology and even home improvement received investment dollars.

“We already see 2010 on an upward trend,” stated Sudek. “The new programs we’ve instituted like the Entrepreneur Mixersand SeedTrackwill give us the chance to help companies at even earlier stages. As 2009 demonstrates, that early mentoring generally leads to success.”

Some of the companies who received funding by Tech Coast Angels in 2009 included: WiSpry; Paradigm Select Assets; MicroPower Technologies; Outside Labs; Mobile XL; Cyber-Rain; Loop’d Network; Vigilistics; Numira; YouMail; Amplyx Pharmaceuticals; Benchmark Revenue; Masher Media; H2scan; MyShape; LeisureLink; PharmaSecure; ElephantDrive; and UsedCardboardBoxes.

About Tech Coast Angels

TechCoast Angels,, is the largest angel investor group in the United States. Its members provide funding and guidance to more early-stage, high-growth companies in Southern California than any other investment group. TCA members invest in companies in a wide range of industries, including the life sciences, biotech, IT, services, retail, Internet, financial, software, media, consumer products and tech startups. TCA members give companies more than just capital; they also provide counsel, mentoring and access to an extensive network of potential investors, customers, strategic partners and management talent. TCA has more than 250 members, including its venture capital affiliates, in five networks in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Westlake/Santa Barbara and the Inland Empire. More information on investment with Tech Coast Angels can be found at,

Tech Coast Angels Companies Receive More Than $1B

30 TCA Portfolio Companies Secure More Than 75M in 2008

LOS ANGELES – February 23, 2009 – Tech Coast Angels (TCA), the largest angel network in the United States, today announced that more than $1B has been invested in TCA-funded companies since the group’s inception in 1997. TCA members have personally invested more than $99M and venture capital firms and other private equity investors have contributed more than $960M. The number of companies financed by Tech Coast Angels members was up last year over 2007. In 2008, companies received more than $75M in 15 first-time financings and 16 follow-on rounds from TCA members and affiliated investors, compared with 12 first-time and 14 follow-on rounds completed in 2007.
“TCA is still actively investing, despite the downturn in the economy. Our membership continues to be the largest single source of first-time deal financings for early stage companies in Southern California,” said Ralph Mayer, newly elected chairman of TCA. “2008 was a banner year for TCA. We reached the $1 billion mark and increased the number of companies funded year-over-year, which further demonstrates our commitment to the Southern California ecosystem.”

Companies receiving 2008 first-time investments or follow-on rounds from TCA and its network of venture capital partners include Agilenano, AIRSIS, Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, Axiotron, Bikestation, BrandAmerica, BrightQube, CardioCreate, CaseStack, Clupedia, Cognition, Cyber-Rain, Dayak, Edgeware Analytics, eGuardian, EZ-Assure, H2Scan, Make It Work, MicroPower Appliance, Mobile-XL, MojoPages, MyShape, Opposing Views, Santrio, SodaHead, TherMark, Trius Therapeutics, WiSpry, Wise Window and Zubican

“History has shown that downturns in the economy are often the best time to start a new company, which is one of the reasons TCA members are still actively investing,” said Al Schneider, president of TCA’s Los Angeles network. “Since our members provide entrepreneurs with many more benefits than just capital, funding from TCA’s members is even more valuable to companies in these challenging economic times.”
The Tech Coast Angels Los Angeles network is hosting its fourth annual Fast Pitch Competition and networking event on February 24 from 5-9 p.m. at UCLA Anderson School of Management. Fast Pitch is a competition among 12 carefully selected entrepreneurs who will each deliver a 90-second company pitch to a panel of investors and other members of Southern California’s entrepreneurial community. For more information, visit

About Tech Coast Angels

Tech Coast Angels,, the largest angel investor network in the United States, provides funding and guidance to more early-stage, high-growth companies in Southern California than any other investment group. Since its inception in 1997, TCA members have focused on building valuable companies, personally invested more than $99M, and helped portfolio companies attract more than $960M in additional capital, mostly from venture capital firms. TCA members give companies more than just capital; they also provide counsel, mentoring and access to an extensive network of potential investors, customers, strategic partners and management talent. TCA has more than 300 members, including its venture capital affiliates, in five networks in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Westlake/Santa Barbara and the Inland Empire.