TCA Orange County

Tech Coast Angels Orange County is where TCA began back in 1997. It is our third largest chapter, with 95 members.

The Executive Board consists of the following members:

    • President– Hicham Semaan
    • Vice President – David Friedman
    • Syndication – Richard Sudek
    • Prescreen/Screening – David Friedman
    • MedTech Committee and Prescreen -Thomas T. Y. Lee, M.D., M.B.A.
    • Membership Chair – Bill Waldo
    • Sponsorship – Phil Hirsch, Eric  Hsaio
    • Diligence – Paul Voois, Howard Mirowitz
    • Mentoring – Richard Creager, Nick Sachdeva
Executive Director – Tony Sarris
Network Director – Robyn Wright