Tech Coast Angels Invests in Ascendant Spirits Inc. (ASI)

 Ascendant Spirits Inc. (ASI) is a craft distillery — the first manufacturing spirits on the Central Coast of California. It makes approximately 95% of its revenues from the production and sale of distilled spirits, such as bourbon, moonshine, and vodka. ASI also does some contract production of grappa and brandy from grape products for winemakers who are permitted to sell these products directly.

With the help Tech Coast Angels ASI is on its way to becoming cash flow positive and to be growing sales revenues each quarter while achieving this goal.

The management team seems to consist of the perfect mix: Stephen Gertman (President) who has over two and half years of distilling experience, Paul Gertman (CFO) who has run four startups and has experience as vice-chair and chief scientist of Caremark Inc., and finally Kyle Spencer Herman (VP Sales) with an impressive fourteen years of beverage sales positions as well as being Nolet’s CA regional sales manager for Ketel One Vodka and Nolet’s Gin.