Tech Coast Angels Voted Among the Top Angel Groups

 Are you all wondering who some of the best angel groups are in the United States? Well there is good news for all the entrepreneurs and investors on the West coast, because we were ranked high among over 370 angel groups evaluated. In a recent article published by CB Insights, Tech Coast Angels ranked #5 in the Top 20 Angel Groups by Investor Mosaic list, which is very good considering many of the East coast angels also made the list.

To determine rankings, angel groups were ranked through Investor Mosaic by “[taking] into account factors such as past performance, network strength (who they know), selection aptitude and brand among other factors, and quantifies them to score and quantitatively rank investors.” This data is good new for us, seeing as how we excel all the categories.

Tech Coast Angels is the biggest angel group in America, so it’s no surprise that our ranking is #1 in CB Insights’ Top Angel Groups by Network Centrality list. CB Insights report that “Tech Coast Angels, which claims to be the largest angel investment organization in the US, features over 300 members covering all of Southern California and led all angel groups in terms of network centrality – a measure of network strength.” Look out Bay Area, because Southern California is catching up!

While we share this state with the likes of Silicon Valley, we are also proud to contribute to the statistic that ranks California #1 in deal share. “California led all states in terms of deal share of the top 20 angel groups’ investments since 2011 at 33%, with 7 of the top 20 angel groups being based in CA,” say CB Insights. It would seem that there is still small nuggets to be found in the Golden State, particularly in the southern half. Looking to become part of the Tech Coast Angels family? Visit to see how you can add to our outstanding statistics of success! 

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