Tech Coast Angels Welcomes Eight Companies to pitch for investment next tuesday

Tech Coast Angels is thrilled to announce an exciting event coming this Tuesday, September 30th. Eight companies will be attending this Landmark Angels and Tech Coast Angels Venture Forum. This will be an “investor-only,” by invitation event, featuring a sit-down luncheon with keynote address Smiling at Success; Laughing at Failure from Dave Berkus (BERKONOMICS).

Among the companies seeking investment are disruptive companies in the areas of personalized marketing promotion, endo-mechanical medical instruments, and innovative self-service beer & wine systems. There will also be companies innovating advanced software for operating systems, online content monetization and management, and revolutionary ways to make health data more accessible to consumers.

Keep and eye out for this event and watch out for these disruptive technologies and innovations as Tech Coast Angels looks to grow the cream of the crop by making wise and progressive investments.

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