Who We Are

We are the largest Angel
Investment Organization in the U.S.

We are entrepreneurs, with diverse backgrounds & experience running start-ups.
With over 300 members & 5 regional networks we cover all of Southern CA.

TCA is a catalyst in helping to build Southern California’s economy

We bring connections, knowledge & mentoring

Our members are very active in the entrepreneurial community, attending and participating in conferences, networking events, entrepreneurial competitions and other venture capital events. Our relationships with the major colleges and universities in Southern California provide us both access to potential commercialization opportunities and expertise that is invaluable as we analyze potential investments.

We have the connections you need

Not only do we receive numerous investment opportunities for review from angel groups across the U.S. TCA also has an excellent relationship with the major economic development agencies in Southern California. In addition our relationship with the venture capital community often gives us early looks at deals from them that fit our investment criteria.

These referral sources of entrepreneurial investment ideas keep our deal pipeline full creating a high quality diversified pool of investments for our members.